Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring finally comes to Avon Beach

After a morning of sitting inside and marking, I needed a lunchtime walk as much as Hamish.

I still can't quite believe that the beach is on my doorstep - especially today, with the sun shining and the sky not completely shrouded in cloud. It actually feels as if Spring might, finally, have arrived.

The view from behind the houses on the other side of Stanpit
When you leave our house on Stanpit, you can dip off the main road, and walk behind the houses opposite ours for a short stretch. I feel incredibly happy to be living in our simple little cottage, so I can't believe that the people who live in these houses can EVER have a bad day!

Their back gardens not only back onto water, but look over it to Hengistbury Head, and the beach huts on Mudeford sandbanks. The buildings insurers must get a migraine just thinking of the flood risk, but I would happily pay any premium to wake up to that view, and be able to wander down the garden and pop a kayak in the water. In fact I stood, enviously, for a minute or two, watching as a girl did exactly that. Simon and I HAVE to get some sea kayaks soon! (If anyone wants to recommend some particularly stable designs, I'd be grateful..)

As Hamish sniffed around the boats, I breathed in the fresh salty air, the bright nodding daffodils, and the birds soaring on the breeze, and just SMILED!

We had all our new neighbours around for drinks on Sunday, and they generously let me pick their brains for new local walks and places to see. I now can't wait for the weekend, to get out and explore a bit more. Maybe I'll even remember to take out my camera and be able to post something better than an iphone snap!

Avon Beach this afternoon - is that blue sky??!!

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