Thursday, 18 April 2013

A new arrival in Stanpit........

While walking in the marshes two days ago, I spotted a heavily pregnant chestnut mare by the water's edge. Seeing her made me smile, she reminded me so much of how I felt when I was close to my due date for my two 'babies'  - fat, tired and fed up!  I pulled out my iphone to take a snap but, at the click of the shutter, another pony, a black male, which was standing on the beach behind us, pricked up his ears, and immediately trotted over to stand protectively by her side.
 It was a touching moment that stuck with me for the rest of the day, so when I came across them again yesterday, I was so happy to see that the pair were now accompanied by a tiny, wobbly, new born!  They were too far from me to capture them on the rubbish iphone, but this morning I woke up thinking about them and, as soon as I could, I grabbed my camera and long lens and went over the road to find them.
So, here he/she is, freshly hatched, and constantly chasing its weary mother for milk. All together now....aahhhh!


  1. I'm reading this lovely post from Timphu in Bhutan and missing Stanpit in the spring.

  2. Ahh, happy to bring a bit of Stanpit to far corners of the globe!