Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A capsule wardrobe for living by the coast!

We will have been living down by the coast for four weeks tomorrow. That's 28 days already - days when I've gone to work, done some browsing around the shops, been for muddy walks, seen friends, spent a cultural day in London and so on. Yet, I've just realised I could could probably count the different items of clothing I've worn on one hand or, ok, two hands if you must make me count my wellies too.
When we first arrived at the cottage, it was our bedroom that took the longest to sort out, mainly because we just couldn't find enough storage for all of our clothes. As part of our downsizing prior to the move we impulsively gave up a fabulously large vintage chest of drawers that, I now realised, held a huge proportion of our wardrobe.  And so I found myself reduced to one narrow hanging space and 1.5 small drawers (Simon having the other 1.5). Even sneaking into my son's room and securing myself some hanging space in his wardrobe didn't solve the problem, so I was reduced to stuffing as much as possible into cardboard storage boxes, and ramming them into the base of my wardrobe.
However, since then, something strange has happened. Maybe it's because I can't actually SEE any of my clothes anymore, maybe it's because I'm no longer surrounded by anyone in enviably gorgeous frocks, maybe it's the cold weather, or maybe its because I don't know anyone here, and therefore don't care so much about what I look like, but  I've found I actually don't miss my wide range of dresses and tops. In fact, I have found it fantastically liberating to get up and put on essentially the same items every day.

Your Capsule Coastal Wardrobe
So, as far as I can make out after 27 and a bit days in Dorset, this is all you need:

Cabbages and Roses Fisherman's jumper
One pair of jeans - skinny (better for ramming into wellington boots and rolling up when the weather warms up and you can go paddling)
One pair of leggings  (At risk of sounding all yummy mummy, the Boden ones are the BEST EVER!)
One cosy fisherman style jumper - big enough to go over layers (Celtic Sheepskin/Seasalt/Cabbages & Roses)
One tunic - for 'smarter' days (Joules/All Saints/Seasalt)
A couple of longsleeve white t-shirts  (I love White Company's layering ones, but H&M budget ones are great too)
A pair of fantastically comfortable Sheepskin boots (I haven't taken off my Celtic Sheepskin black lace -up ones since I bought them) or, in summer, flip flops.
And good pair of long wellies.
Oh, and a leather jacket and a parka (a hood is a must!)

Of course, in theory, that means I could now empty the wardrobe of everything else, but lets not be rash. Surely even a Coastal girl might need a pair of heels and a party frock one day??!!

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